Audi – Lil Uzi Vert lyrics

Lyrics Audi – Lil Uzi Vert Audi – Lil Uzi Vert lyrics Tata de duminica – Claudia Patrascanu versuri Versuri Tata de duminica – Claudia Patrascanu Tata de duminica versuri M-am trezit in zori si mi-am spus Audi 2 – Smokepurpp lyrics Lyrics Audi 2 – Smokepurpp Audi 2 lyrics I need a bag fuck a bitch […]

Crush – Tessa Violet lyrics

Lyrics Crush – Tessa Violet I can’t focus on what needs to get done I’m on notice hoping that you don’t run You think I’m tepid but I’m misdiagnosed ‘Cause I’m a stalker I seen all of your posts. (Tessa Violet – Crush) And I’m just tryna play it cool now But that’s not what […]

Poetical G – Kodak Black lyrics

Lyrics Kodak Black – Poetical G We do the same thing but won’t do it the same I pray to god I ain’t losing my brain Made a lot of music to forget all of my pain I just wanted money but it came with some fame I get on the beat, and I just be […]

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