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Alone again – Asking Alexandria lyrics

Lyrics Alone again – Asking Alexandria Alone again lyrics Bring me hope, take me home I think I’m ready to be on my own Close my eyes, lay me down I think it’s time that I take some time to be alone again I’ve waited, been patient, dedicated in the name of Being more, giving […]

Down to hell – Asking Alexandria lyrics

Lyrics Down to hell – Asking Alexandria Down to hell lyrics I don’t know what you’ve heard But I’m a cannon I’m loose I’m a wildfire I don’t care what you think About where I choose to draw my line Sociopath self absorbed egotistical asshole Don’t waste you’re breath It’s not a secret believe it […]

Into the fire – Asking Alexandria lyrics

Lyrics Asking Alexandria – Into the fire Take them all back.(x3) (into the fire) I’m not too sure what I’m supposed to do with this These hands, this mind, this instability From a cage I created, to a hell that heaven made Can’t let go of the hatred cause I love the way it tastes. […]

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