asher angel

One thought away – Asher Angel lyrics

Lyrics One thought away – Asher Angel One thought away lyrics [Verse 1: Asher Angel] It was like in the other night I was dreaming And though wasn’t by my side, I could feel ya Heard your voice in my head too familiar Even with the music blasting I still hear ya [Pre-Chorus 1: Asher […]

Last Christmas – Asher Angel lyrics

Lyrics Last Christmas – Asher Angel Last Christmas lyrics Last Christmas, I gave you my heart But the very next day, you gave it away This year, to save me from tears I’ll give it to someone special Once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance, but you still catch my eye Tell me, baby, […]

Getaway – Asher Angel lyrics

Lyrics Getaway – Asher Angel Don’t need directions, Don’t need no map. You know where I wanna go. And we don’t need permission, Don’t looking back. Let’s dive into the unknown Here’s your one way ticket To paradise. Girl sit back, Relax and enjoy the ride. I ain’t leaving without you, Get on board tonight. […]

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