asap rocky

Doja – Asap Rocky lyrics

Lyrics Doja – Asap Rocky feat. Snot Doja lyrics Why these niggas talkin’ fuckin’ shit? I-I-I told ’em pipe down, I don’t need no little bitch I’ll fuck that bitch named Doja Cat, pull up in a Scat Pack Windows tinted all black bulletproof and all that [Post-Chorus: $NOT] Fuck that, fuck you Fuck that, fuck you, fuck that […]

Rich nigga problems – Asap Rocky lyrics

Lyrics Rich nigga problems – Asap Rocky Rich nigga problems lyrics Bout twelve bad hoes in my section like Vegas A few of ’em strangers, a few of ’em famous When that ain’t enough and black ain’t enough Man, I’m done actin’ up, let’s hit the crib and get faded When you don’t drink champagne […]

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