Forever young – ARMNHMR lyrics

Lyrics Forever young – ARMNHMR Forever young lyrics We thought that growing up meant growing strong But here’s how it goes Seems all it means is sleepless nights and thoughts That give us wrinkless My priorities changed But I’m not afraid ‘Cause baby we ain’t getting old Let’s say it and set it in stone […]

Infinite – ARMNHMR lyrics

Lyrics Infinite – ARMNHMR Infinite lyrics Half past midnight the stars in our eyes They burn so bright I meant what I said when you asked What I’m thinking I don’t want tonight to end Maybe we’re endless Maybe we’re infiniiite Don’t wanna end this I wanna keep going On and on On and on […]

Let light out – ARMNHMR lyrics

Lyrics Let light out – ARMNHMR Let light out lyrics I see what’s in front of me through scratches on a screen I realize that everything is filtered through the scenes Of my past ‘Cause I’m always looking back like a Bad habit I’m So static [Chorus] I’ll shatter the lens that I see through And somehow let this […]

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