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Better days – Arman Cekin lyrics

Lyrics Better days – Arman Cekin Better days lyrics Run away run away yeah Take your time to say a prayer Recognize me when you sneak in Don’t be cruel open up your heart and say [Pre-Chorus: Faydee] Ho-ho-ho-hold on there will be better days It’ll be a better day [Chorus: Faydee] God oh god please help me I […]

Good for you – Arman Cekin feat. Glaceo lyrics

Lyrics Good for you – Arman Cekin Good for you lyrics Oh baby I feel so high when you are next to me You’re looking like my next mistake I think Sometimes you really need to go for it, go for it Then you’ll realise Oh baby I’m so sorry for the things I’ve done And […]

Surrender – Arman Cekin feat. Josh Rubin lyrics

Lyrics Arman Cekin – Surrender I caught your eyes from across the room, yeah, You gave a smile, made me forget everything I knew, And I just wanted you to know, That I won’t let you go.(surrender) Oh, I will run to you, But I can’t wait forever, forever, Trade the world for you, My […]

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