arcade fire

Baby mine – Arcade Fire lyrics

Lyrics Baby mine – Arcade Fire Baby mine lyrics I got the money, and I got the time I got a secret, gonna make you mine I can feel you making eyes at me Baby you can try, but you can’t deny Chemistry (chemistry) Chemistry (chemistry) Chemistry (chemistry) Chemistry (chemistry) Put your eyes on another […]

Peter Pan – Arcade Fire lyrics

Lyrics Peter Pan – Arcade Fire Peter Pan lyrics In my dreams you’re dying It wakes me up, and I can’t stop crying I just wanna live forever Keep my promises, keep it together In my dreams you’re living Open your eyes, and I wake up forgiven Just a little something to thin the blood How […]

Signs of life – Arcade Fire lyrics

Lyrics Arcade Fire – Signs of life Those cool kids Stuck in the past Apartments of cigarette ash Wait outside until it begins Won’t be the first ones in Spend your life waiting in line You find it hard to define But you do it every time Then you do it again.(signs of life) Looking […]

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