Anywhere – Slander lyrics

Lyrics Anywhere – Slander Anywhere lyrics Take me to another place, another time Far away I wanna feel your only heart, I wanna take You somewhere safe And show me what you were talkin’ about When you saw the walls comin’ down, yeah Anywhere, anywhere with you We’ll make it up, I don’t care what […]

Anywhere – Dj Mustard feat. Nick Jonas lyrics

Lyrics Nick Jonas – Anywhere – Dj Mustard What’s better than the time being? Dark skies never scare me Fallin’, I’ll be right behind ya It’s still me, like the very first time. (Mustard – Anywhere) Somethin’ had to be this hard Somethin’ that I really want you Somethin’ had to be this far Somethin’ that […]

Anywhere – Rita Ora lyrics

Lyrics Rita Ora – Anywhere Time flies by when the night is young Daylight shines on an undisclosed location, location Bloodshot eyes looking for the sun Paradise delivered and we called it a vacation, vacation. (Anywhere – Rita Ora) You’re painting me a dream that I Wanna belong in, wanna belong in. Over the hills […]

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