Ant Clemons

Appreciation – Ant Clemons lyrics

Lyrics Appreciation – Ant Clemons Appreciation lyrics Baby, I’m a black rockstar sensation I like what you’re doin’, baby, give me motivation, woah Shorty make it clap, yeah, standing ovation I’m spendin’ my money, woah, just to show appreciation, woah Stick on my hip, woah, so intimidatin’ I don’t post no gun pics, that’s incriminatin’, […]

Aladdin – Ant Clemons lyrics

Lyrics Aladdin – Ant Clemons Aladdin lyrics Bend and bust it open for me (Bend it bend it) Don’t you catch them feelings on me (They not allowed) Bent on the sheets everything (Bite down bite down) Tell you “Turn right on this dick” but it ain’t no timeout timeout [Verse 1: Ant Clemons] Come […]

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