anson seabra

Dominoes – Anson Seabra lyrics

Lyrics Dominoes – Anson Seabra Dominoes lyrics It hurts and I don’t know why Was it something I did Along the ride In another life Is there something I missed [Bridge] My generation’s up in smoke We look like kids but feel like ghosts Just try and try to feel alive [Pre-Chorus] Ooh, it’s a […]

Hindenburg lover – Anson Seabra lyrics

Lyrics Hindenburg lover – Anson Seabra Hindenburh lover lyrics we were floating for days we were flying the way that doves do and I loved you we were sailing the sky watch the clouds passing by like a dreamland where should we land We were invincible That’s what they said So indivisible Wherever we went […]

Can you hear me – Anson Seabra lyrics

Lyrics Can you hear me – Anson Seabra Can you hear me lyrics I’ve been chasing the pavement I’ve been sleeping with strangers Dealing in danger Passing by faces so cold I’ve been running to places I’ve been broken and nameless Hopeless and shamed I’ve never been so low [Pre-Chorus] Zoom out to everything Zoom […]

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