another life

Another life – Sickick lyrics

Lyrics Another life – Sickick Another life lyrics Inside my heart is breaking I’m drownin’ in the rain This is goodbye To freedom I’ve been losin’ for some time And I don’t see the light I can only be so strong And I can’t win the fight Will you be the one I call Before […]

Another life – Motionless in White lyrics

Lyrics Another life – Motionless in White Another life lyrics If I can’t let you go… will darkness divide? For the fiction of love is the truth of our lies We were playing for keeps but we both knew the cost Now the only way out’s in your heart shaped box. But I hate that […]

Another life – Afrojack feat. David Guetta lyrics

Lyrics Afrojack feat. David Guetta – Another life I’m waking up, thinking how we used to be I still hang on to our tied up dreams I wish we could turn back the hands of time Replace the poison that you left onto my mind.(another life) Maybe we’ll meet again in another life Maybe we’re […]

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