anna yvette

Red line – Anna Yvette lyrics

Lyrics Red line – Anna Yvette Red line lyrics Hand on the wheel Got my pistons pumping All 800 horses running 125 in the middle of the night Got my engine thundering Dream machine racing queen I’ll take you wherever you wanna go Let’s blow this town Break the speed of sound Tonight we own […]

Party freaks – Pegboard Nerds feat. Anna Yvette lyrics

Lyrics Anna Yvette –┬áParty freaks – Pegboard Nerds (Kind all day) (We dance all night) (We’re party freaks of nature) (We’re party freaks, party freaks) (Kind all day) (We dance all night) (We’re party freaaaks of nature) (We’re party freaaaks, party freaaaks) They don’t know how we do it They’ll never get it anyway Conquering […]

My City – Egzod feat. Anna Yvette lyrics

Lyrics Egzod –┬áMy City – Egzod Where do you go when you’re young, when you’re restless When you’re fun, cause you’re desperate Here they come for a chance, for adventure What to poison, what’s your pleasure. (Egzod – My City) My City, she never sleeps My Ciiity, she never waits My Ciiity, she case me […]

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