anca pop

Ederlezi – Anca Pop feat. Goran Bregovic lyrics

Lyrics Anca Pop – Ederlezi Ederlezi, ederleeezi, ederleeezi, dural beshava Instead of heaven, give me one day I trade eternity for you today One look inside you is all it takes To jump into the sinners’ lake. I am deep inside you Right behind you A light that guides you Into the after-life It […]

Loco poco – Anca Pop lyrics

Lyrics Anca Pop – Loco poco It was hot in Mexico Delirio, Tremendo. My boss is loco, he pays me poco Loco, Poco, Loco, poco My boss is loco, he pays me poco Loco Poco, Loco, poco. I drive two hours to work Fill my tank with gasoline Buy my lunch and large coffee There […]

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