Solid – Amine lyrics

Lyrics Solid – Amine Solid lyrics When you judge me You make me feel ugly No need to be sorry ‘Cause I’m stayin’ strong Momma taught me To stand on my two feet Your words couldn’t phase me So I’m stayin’ strong I’m soliiid (I’m soliiid soliiid) I promise (I’m soliiid soliiid) I’m soliiid (I’m […]

Hello – Amine lyrics

Lyrics Hello – Amine Hello lyrics Danger in the street lookin’ into my eye Seems like I’m feelin’ the last time Strange things over me changin’ up my life All these feelings come out out Hel-el-el-el-lo he-el-el-el-lo What you say Hel-el-el-el-lo he-el-el-el-lo What you say (Mic check mic check free)i Look I’m a hot boy […]

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