AM – Caustic Grip lyrics

Lyrics AM – Caustic Grip AM lyrics What does AM – A.M. – Mean? At first it meant, “Allied Master Computer” - A.M. - Then it meant, “Adaptive Manipulator,” and later on it developed sentience and linked itself up and they called it an, “Aggressive Menace,” – A.M But by then, it was too late, and finally it called […]

Pitbulls – Am feat. Skengdo & Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Pitbulls – Am Pitbulls lyrics Drop top head shot when your roof down A mally with the Bally got a new sound That’s a tre pound And now your thinking that you should have never came out 12 gauge dot dot chat shit get shot This spot got hot gotta change house Catting for […]

Do it & crash – 410 Skengdo feat. Am lyrics

Lyrics 41o – Do it & crash Do it, do it Man’a put work in the streets, like Stizz Slap on attack with smoke, with smoke Man better pray that the fuckboy lives Like ‘course I did Came with a shh and a guy got hit And if he ain’t worth the corn Then man’a […]

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