Fake magic – Peking Duk feat. AlunaGeorge lyrics

Lyrics Peking Duk – Fake magic I see you, you got all this stuff I feel you cause it never looks like enough So give me it, I’ll throw it away You don’t use it, so you got nothing to say And I know that you want more, but more of what? And you know […]

Mediator – AlunaGeorge lyrics

Lyrics AlunaGeorge – Mediator He would split a new commitment so… You’re in a difficult positional. (I’m not gonna fight for both of you, you). I don’t think this is fixable. I’m not gonna get political. But darling there’s no hope for you, youuu.(mediator) You come knocking at my door. And whose gonna pick you […]

My blood – AlunaGeorge ft. Zhu lyrics

Lyrics AlunaGeorge f. Zhu – My blood Always someone pull those strings. Chuck you in and watch you swayin’. Waiting for that big cha-ching. See how much your life can bring.(my blood) You’re taking the fall now. You’re taking the blame. It’s taking you nowhere. Getting you low and crushing your faith. You gotta believe […]

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