All for you

All for you – Rynx lyrics

Lyrics All for you – Rynx All for you lyrics We went missing on an unknown path We don’t listen and we don’t look back ‘Cause we can’t count on anything but that We just got our love You’re lost in the moment wake me up Being with you every moment that’s enough Got all […]

All for you – Wilkinson lyrics

Lyrics All for you – Wilkinson All fooor you lyrics Paper thin not made of stone Known to sting when you’re not home We don’t build our kingdoms tall To be ruins on the floor I put my faith into something that was not real I’m not faking show me that I still feel I […]

All for you – Years and Years lyrics

Lyrics All for you – Years and Years I’ve been thinkin’ Was it all a different scene in my head? You’ve got powers You instructed all the demons instead. (Years & years – All for you) Ooh, everyone sees a man so tall, so perfect, they said Yeah, you’ve got ambition I thought we would grow […]

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