alison wonderland

Peace – Alison Wonderland lyrics

Lyrics Peace – Alison Wonderland Peace lyrics Nights are numb, days are dead Tried to fix you, broke myself instead I wonder why I can’t sleep without you by my Wish I, I could find the words to say Words to say to you Wish that you could see the other way Someday Someday, I’ll […]

High – Alison Wonderland ft. Trippie Redd lyrics

Lyrics Trippie Redd – High – Alison Wonderland Roll up, get high with me, babe Come on, come ride with me, babe Shorty, are you ride or die for me, babe? I just wanna know (ooh, ay, uh) Baby, get hiiigh with me, lil’ baby Feelings to the side with me, lil’ baby (yeah) Come and […]

No – ALison Wonderland lyrics

Lyrics No – ALison Wonderland I can picture everything In the streetlight where you came to me In the middle of your high Hearing all the words you said But you don’t remember them I’m the one who never lied. (Alison Wonderland – No) They will always tell you “Yes”, but I’ll tell you “No” Forever, […]

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