alexander tidebrink

Be your friend – Vigiland feat. Alexander Tidebrink lyrics

Lyrics Alexander Tidebrink –┬áBe your friend – Vigiland I recall when We were young and Never cared ’bout a thing, whoa We were fire, perfect liars We were gone with the wind. (Vigiland – Be your friend) Everybody wants to know what Different really means And everybody tries to be like us But somethings […]

We are one – Hardwell feat. Alexander Tidebrink lyrics

Lyrics Hardwell- We are one When you’re cold and you’re broken Like you’re lost at the sea Follow me in this moment And be free.(we are one) So don’t look down you gotta wait Don’t worry now we can escape When you don’t know how to go alone We’re stronger now than on our own, […]

Take me home – Bunt. feat. Alexander Tidebrink lyrics

Lyrics Bunt. Take me home I stumbled on the road. The coldest road. Where no one has walked before And my own two feet. Has started to bleed. Of the loss that I see In my eyes.(take me home) I’m never coming back to the place I once knew. If I do I’m gon drown […]

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