alex parker

Fix your heart – Alex Parker feat. Misha Miller lyrics

Lyrics Alex Parker – Fix your heart Hard to describe What you’re feelin’ inside N boys will never cry She left you long time ago Still on your mind They say you’re such a tough guy.(fix your heart) It’s all for show Been holding back your tears Since you let her go Been drivin’ throught […]

Synchronize – Alexandra Stan lyrics

Lyrics Alexandra Stan – Synchronize This ain’t no sex tape This is love in the making Nobody has to see Your body in my naked eyes I’m reaching for your lips It feels like slow motion It’s been so long since you and I Synced in emotions.(synchronize) Let’s sync sync synchronize, our emotions Sync, sync, […]

Tropical sun – Alex Parker (lyrics)

Lyrics Alex Parker – Tropical sun Tra tra tropical. Tra tra tropical sun. Tra tra tropical. Sun is up! I’ve been missing your touch. You know last night. I’ve been drinking too much. And I don’t know what happened. What did I, what did I do, What, what did I do? To make you feel, make […]

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