alex mica

Miami – Alex Mica feat. Joe & Jay Millar lyrics

Lyrics Alex Mica – Miami I just arrived to Miami beach. I’m having fun while I’m getting rich. When they see me they go .. She got me shakin, got me shakin’, got me shakin’ now. She’s too hot, these is not Scandinavia. All my people love this vibe from Balcania. We won’t stop ’till […]

Bby – Alex MIca versuri

Versuri Alex Mica – Bby Bby. You look so amazing. And I’m going crazy. Damn I like. The way you love me. Your body is sweating. When I slowly touch it. Untill the dawn. I won’t let you go. You’re so amazing. Cause I love you so. You drive me crazy. Never felt like this […]

Combinatia fatala – Alex Mica si Eli

Versuri¬†Alex Mica si Eli – Combinatia fatala Esti combinatia fatala, Dintre vreau sa fiu cu tine si cred ca ma las de scoala. Esti ca un drog de care nu mai pot sa scap. Mi-ai luat mintile cu totu’ si te-ai imprimat in cap. Are stil dinala versatil, e aranjata, parfumata. Cea mai sexy fata […]

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