ain t nothing

Ain t nothing – Fredo feat. Yung Bans lyrics

Lyrics Ain t nothing – Fredo Ain t nothing lyrics Ayy heard he talkin’ shit but it ain’t nothin’ Tips on the stick yeah that clip hold a hundred Smokin’ out the pound out the onion Heard he talkin’ down but he ain’t gettin’ money Diamonds on me cold just like the summit (Woo) Bodybag wrap him […]

Ain t nothing – Juicy J feat. Wiz Khalifa lyrics

Lyrics Juicy J – Ain t nothing This that higher level stunting Make it rain a lot of hundreds Gave that chick 30k to go get rid of her stomach I’m a triple OG nigga 20 years and running All my niggas down the ride like crash test dummies … I had never had to […]

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