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Broken sleep – Agnes Obel lyrics

Lyrics Broken sleep – Agnes Obel Broken sleep lyrics Broken sleeep, all too human A malady It’s gazing through when I [Chorus] (Dream me a dream soft as a pillow) (Dream me a dream) (Deep in the night ’til the morning will follow) Dream me a dream (Dream me a dream) Dream me a dream […]

Happening again – Agnes Obel lyrics

Lyrics Agnes Obel – It’s happening again I swear it is true. The past isn’t dead. It’s alive, it is happening. In the back of my head.(happening again) No future, no past. No laws of time. Can undo what is happening. When I close my eyes. And with the stars and the moon. I woke […]

Stretch your eyes – Agnes Obel lyrics

Lyrics Agnes Obel – Stretch your eyes The darkness and the ghost. They dance so sweet and slow. Dug-out from below there to damn the gods.(stretch your eyes) A grip that will hold. So tight and close. All around my throat with the weight of all our lives. You can give to my heart. Thousand […]

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