Afterlife lyrics

Afterlife – Flatbush Zombies lyrics

Lyrics Afterlife – Flatbush Zombies Afterlife lyrics There’s some things I can’t help learnin’ At times man it make me feel selfish (Selfish) At times man it make me real nervous (Nervous) But that made me a real person (Person) Anything sus’ I’m allergic (Allergic) I grew up in the hood I deserve it (Deserve […]

Afterlife – Hailee Steinfeld lyrics

Lyrics Afterlife – Hailee Steinfeld Afterlife lyrics Red eyes like the smoke we rise As the candle s burning low Trust me in whatever you like Are you playing with me? Every time your name it leaves my lips Burning still like words left unsaid Fire in my veins drink deeply love Remind me I m alive Will you […]

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