After you

After you – Meghan Trainor lyrics

Lyrics After you – Meghan Trainor After you lyrics Is this all we get, one short life? Tell me we got time I saw a world without you there Somehow, you were mine And no, please don’t go Please don’t go and leave me alone Don’t wanna give my heart to someone new Won’t be anybody […]

After you – Tay-K lyrics

Lyrics Tay-K – After you – Tay-K Sh-Sh-She said, “Give me head” b*tch, after you (b*tch) Foenem go in first, I go after you (grahh) Y-Y-You get robbed for your flashy shoes b*tch, you get robbed for your rackables. Nigga wanna show his ass like a baboon (like a f*cking baboon) Now he’s a hashtag, now […]

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