Adrenaline – A Boogie wit da Hoodie lyrics

Lyrics Adrenaline – A Boogie wit da Hoodie Adrenaline lyrics You mad nigga your adrenaline rushin’ it feel like a bus but I’m whippin’ the Wraith Got my head to the ceiling want me in my feelings only got me feelin’ a way I ain’t sayin’ I’m addicted adderall prescripted fuck it ’cause I don’t […]

Adrenaline – Tyler Rich lyrics

Lyrics Adrenaline – Tyler Rich Adrenaline lyrics [Verse 1] On Franklin and 4th in an ice cold sweat Throwing rocks at the Starbucks where she and I met I got drunk on the past every day, every night ‘Til you sobered me up, got her off my mind [Pre-Chorus] Used to walk those streets like […]

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