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CEO – Snoop Dogg lyrics

Lyrics CEO – Snoop Dogg CEO lyrics I’m back like I never left In this muthafucka spitting rhymes ’til my last breath Snoop Dogg in the building, yes, y’all Line ’em up, barber shop, fade em all Watching the game from the halls of fame I’m balling, mayne, I boss up back in this thang […]

Can’t deny – Lil Tecca lyrics

Lyrics Can’t deny – Lil Tecca Can’t deny lyrics Yeah I done had dark days and bright days After school yeah them done days Niggas used to do the beef it up and looked up to them prices (Yeah facts) I ain’t really had much (Nah) but a nigga was always stylin’ (Forreal) Pockets always […]

The birthday party – The 1975 lyrics

Lyrics The birthday party – The 1975 The birthday party lyrics Hello there’s a place I’ve been going Now I’m clean it would seem Let’s go somewhere I’ll be seen As sad as it seemsss Natural face – Partynextdoor lyrics Lyrics Natural face – Partynextdoor Natural face lyrics Hey wake up I need you to […]

Clicc clacc – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics Clicc clacc – NLE Choppa Clicc clacc lyrics Ayy the youngest to do it a teen (Young) I’m shootin’ my shot like Kareem (Yeah) My niggas ball like LeBron yeah we got the ring Ayy (Yeah) he think that a young nigga lackin’ (No) I’ll turn this bitch into a thriller like my name […]

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