Action Bronson

Cliff hanger – Action Bronson lyrics

Lyrics Cliff hanger – Action Bronson Cliff hanger lyrics Stuck in the maze switch my face up like Nicolas Cage’s Switch up the plates before them cowards catch a gaze I’m in the shower with my Latin maid That ass is hot you could crack an egg and cook it She told me shake my […]

Vega – Action Bronson lyrics

Lyrics Vega – Action Bronson Vega lyrics Crash my shits and my cell straight through the window The lead actor in my life story Delroy Lindo My head’s got me spinnin’ like a hula hoop Couple noodles lose from the chicken noddle soup Hangin’ out the Porsche with a cape on I’m the type of […]

Mongolia – Action Bronson lyrics

Lyrics Mongolia – Action Bronson Mongolia lyrics Yo it’s Mister 40/40 (Uh) Dressed like I’m .. from Norty A young brother that’ll stretch your shorty (Damn) David Caruso couldn’t connect the story (What’s up?) solve the puzzle His favorite murder weapon was a shovel It’s the jefe (Uh) Spanish women all over my body like […]

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