a boogie

Wild thots – A Boogie feat. Fabolous lyrics

Lyrics A Boogie – Wild thots You used to be my baby Remember when you used to wear my chain and my bracelets I know you blushin’ when I make a statement So don’t you worry ’bout them b*tches I don’t entertain them They only want me ’cause I’m famous I’m A Boogie Wit Da […]

IDK – PnB Rock feat. A Boogie lyrics

Lyrics PnB Rock – IDK Like why you so fly? (Idk) Like why you so high? (I don’t know) Like why them niggas staring at you so hard every time you ride by? (I don’t know) Like why you so thurl? (I don’t know) Why you f*ck that nigga’s girl? (I don’t know) Why you […]

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