Suburban pt 2 – 22GZ lyrics

Lyrics Suburban pt 2 – 22GZ Suburban pt 2 lyrics Hoodie on mask on Strap drawn tryna run He ain’t get that far If his bro tryna spin dat block Then gang gon’ switch that car Kill an opp broad day Get blasted lawyer gon spank that charge Hanging out all black Suburbans Blicky gon hit that target! Hoodie […]

Sniper gang – 22GZ lyrics

Lyrics Sniper gang – 22GZ Sniper gang lyrics When I get to swerving on ’em, spinning the curb up on ’em Sending Suburbans on ’em and we lurking on ’em Ain’t no funeral service for ’em (Boom, boom, boom) I’m on a mission for ’em, Sniper Gang got the vision on ’em Never snitching, go […]

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