2020 lyrics

2020 – Young Twelve lyrics

Lyrics 2020 – Young Twelve 2020 lyrics I hop inside then I go mehn (Voom) Same nigga I ain’t switch lanes (skru) Private discussions with my main thing Cause alotta shawties they won’t maintain When they hear you doing cocaine They came and gat me I ain’t say a name So if you sly me […]

2020 – Smoove’L lyrics

Lyrics 2020 – Smoove’L 2020 lyrics It’s 2020 I ain’t with the bullshit I ain’t with the funny money I got shooters with me lookin’ cautiousss 2020 – Yung Tory lyrics Lyrics 2020 – Yung Tory 2020 lyrics You know how I’m comin’ (Comin’) You know how I’m bomin’ 2020 I want 2020 vision – […]

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