2 Seater lyrics

2 seater – YBN Nahmir lyrics

Lyrics 2 seater – YBN Nahmir 2 seater lyrics Two-seater run with your bitch Butterfly doors on the Benz (Speeding) Runnin’ through bands I’m rich (I’m rich) Everything president tints I’m on Ocean with a bad ho Top down she got flew’d out On the back seat with the extendo Smokin’ indoor with my jewels […]

2 Seater – 21 Savage feat. Quavo lyrics

Lyrics 2 Seater – 21 Savage 2 seater lyrics by Quavo They be playin’ with this shit, man Y’all niggas playin’ with the money Holiday season! Y’all don’t even know what the fuck to do with this shit Y’all niggas act like y’all ain’t even used to this shit, nigga That boy Cass! I pour an […]

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