100 shots lyrics

100 shots – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics 100 shots – NLE Choppa 100 shots lyrics Cook that shit up Quay Earthquake cut up on the beat earthquake cut the motherfuckin’ beat [Chorus] Hundred some shots I shoot out the spot They don’t know if I did it or not They don’t know if he make it or not Whippin’ the brick […]

100 shots – Young Dolph lyrics

Lyrics Young Dolph – 100 shots Yeah, it’s Dolph Hey, bring me some Backwoods up outta there, homie and a cup of ice And some rubber bands up outta there too, homie, yeah It’s 3 PM, 80 degrees outside I’m in somethin’ that go real fast, sittin’ outside the cornerstore Six figure client, got no […]

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