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#1 – Jojo Siwa lyrics

Lyrics #1 – Jojo Siwa #1 lyrics You’re the number one you Yeah you’re the number… [Verse 1] Somebody telling you You gotta change your look But you’re no cookie cutter carbon copy The way you are is real So go with how you feel You gotta do whatever makes you happy [Transition] Ooh you’re […]

1 (773) Vulture – Lil Durk lyrics

Lyrics Lil Durk – 1 (773) Vulture Why the opposition callin’ my line? Tellin’ me to come outside I would, but I know they lyin’ (I been through this shit before, you know?) Foe’nem told me keep my iron My momma had a dream about me dyin’ I told her that I hope she lyin’ […]

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