Suvs – Pooh Shiesty lyrics

Lyrics Suvs – Pooh Shiesty

Suvs lyrics
couldn’t phase me, I was in my bag (Nope, in my bag)
Sixty-rounds is in my chop, all my guns got ‘xtended MACs (Got
extended MACs)
.. up in my Trackhawk ’cause I plan on gettin’ stashed (Skrrt,
I get away, we wrap it all black (Wrap it all black)
‘Fore, before you play, you gotta be smarter than that (Be
smarter than that)
Tryna go back everywhere the hood where I was starvin’ at (I
was starvin’ at)
.. for a .., I sent .. a quarterback

[Chorus: Jack Harlow & Pooh Shiesty]
All my brags turn to facts , all my hundreds turn to racks
All my ladies turn to snacks, say she .. on (.. on)
SUVs, black-on-black, I was fuckin’ up, but now I’m back on
track and that’s a fact, yeah (Fact)
Yeah, I done seennn

Suvs – Pooh Shiesty lyrics
Suvs - Pooh Shiesty
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