Stunt double – Lil Yachty lyrics

Lyrics Stunt double – Lil Yachty

Stunt double lyrics
I know some niggas no matter what hit ’em (30, you a motherfucking fool, nigga)
My 16 year old on my sock with the Dirty Mouth
I know some niggas who’ll shoot till it’s empty
I don’t know you, who you?
Beat on that bitch from the back like Jiu Jitsu
90k flat for my wrist and my ears too
Ima die lit like I’m Jordan, no Michael
.. love a bitch that we put in the cycle
Penthouse shawty as tall as the Eifel
Open my door in my room its a rifle
.. and they say I’m an idle
For what? You don’t know me
8/23 the same birthday as Kobe
.. my shooter GinĂ³bili
Bought a new whip it’s off-white like Lil Mosey
All in my business these new niggas nosey
Two channel blankets four wraps but I’m cozy
Said he gon’ hurt me, man he gotta show me
Reppin’ them beads like Bentley
Reppin’ the beads like Red Sox (Go head)
Choppa gon’ have him a TED Talk (Go head)
Fuck from the back till her leg lock

[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
Ay, I got the game in a head lock
I’m drinking lean, its ecs and tee cannot find this boy this deadstock (Activis)
Tried to run I .. red dot
I’m a Flintstone, 40 with Dick, get hit in your sleep make the bed rock
Dogshit on me like I’m Craig Pop’s
Turn my faygo .. to a red pop
Young dog on tip, ready to shoot
I told his ass chill ’cause his head hot (Chill)
Bullets they burn like McCormick, but no its not Franks
Bro this ain’t do red hot (Hot sauce)
.. the Juice like I’m 2Pac
Fingerprints all on the oowop (Damn)
Ice on my neck, drop a mixtape every month, man I’m the new .. (Brr)
I’m sellin’ work out of two spots
One for the girl, one for the boy
Man pull up to shop it’s a food stop
I got a check, bought a new watch
Fuck a deposit, I get a check
And put that bitch right in the shoebox
Fuck a security, stand at the door
And hold this bitch down these two Glocks (Please)

Hold this bitch down with these two Glocks
Hold this bitch down with these two Glocksss

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Stunt double – Lil Yachty lyrics
Stunt double - Lil Yachty
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