Steve Behr – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics Steve Behr – Westside Gunn

Steve Behr lyrics
Ayo pump in the Amiris got me walkin’ all bow-legged
Free Sly (Free Sly) ’til the feds free my oldhead
Your welfare whip pathetic speed had ’em like always (Always)
The crackhouse doorbell ring God day
We only got twenties bring nineteen you dead (Ah dead nigga)
I don’t give a fuck if you got nineteen-fifty nigga
Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit
I got the best shit nigga

Ayo you a dollar late and day short every day
Divide the dollar servin’ cutties shit that they snort
It was Off-White now back to rockin’ the rugby with the racehorse
Half a gram for a Virgil have a blast lift your face off
Like Scott Storch this shit that I produce be the muy bueno
Late nights like Leno I was movin’ elbows out the rental
I’m lit with rap that ain’t coincidental
I seen a nigga take five acid tabs that shit fried his mental
Son ain’t been the same since seen him the other day
I let him hold somethin’ I’m real won’t look the other way
“The streets’ll take you but won’t bring you back” that’s what my mother say
Run off with the pack then your brother pay
Blast the Bushmaster at his beanie my billies blazin’ like turkey day
Do the wonder coldest shit in the verses that I display
At the top it’s really Rome and Gunn the comp is miles away
My style is gunpowder in the crack vial the Don is great
Do you dirty for dollars the goonies gon’ relate
Your bitch mouth on my lap like print on the BAPE
Fuck outta here nigga

Tell the truth now (Go bro)
Tell the truth (Go bro)
Big brother still stop preachin’ niggas
I do not know what’s what what what—how you say that?
Big brother you still stop preachin’ you know
You brothers were stealin’ it from the police and they took
Still took you to jail
Well everybody’s
I’m not better than the police
You said one
They’re human beings just like we is
Listen what I’m sayin’ now
They are human beings
We are God’s children
Ain’t no black and white in it ain’t no racist or nothin’ in it
‘Cause it does not say that in the Bible
(Justin I’ll feed a nigga ‘kay?)
If there was no words from God but only two things Jews or Gentiles
What they do?
Only two things God made on this Earth baby
You didn’t understand what I’m sayin’ I’ma say it again (Mm-hmm)
Jews and Gentiles
But that means just like this
We are all God’s children (I used to smoke I used to smoke but not preach)
I don’t care if you’re black white blue purple any other race
And what they said?
Thank the Lord woo
Finish the sentence you made a friend in me
We are all God’s children (Okay yes)
We on the road to be on this Earth to help everybody (Oh)
I don’t care if the man got a flat
If I walk down the street guess what?
I’ll leave you good for murder to actually stop to help this man
I’m not askin’ for nothin’
God got every blessing I needed and look where I am
But I’m followin’ His path now that’s the only reason why I’m back
But you come over here and instigate and pressure us
Wait hold on hold on hold listen listen
It does not say in the Bible you cannot have a good time
We let you allowed you to we allowed you to have a good time
Okay and I’ma explain somethin’ to you on that
Not come over here at fifteen to seven
Hey now hold hold hold hold
Let me finish let me finish
Please let me finish this and I’ma leave it alone after that
Not come over here in the morning at fifteen to seven
I said I understand that baby God gave me a mind to think
I can think with this
You see what I’m sayin’?
This is God’s body God made everything in here
He knows how many hairs I got he knows how my brain
He knew my train of thought
I cannot hide nothin’ from that man upstairs
(Preach haha preach on)
Nah you want me to get all the way down deep? (Preach it)
I can get all the way down deep on you (Get on down deep)
(Get down deep get down deep don’t kill yourself though)
I love you baby I love you as a friend listen
Now I’ma call you (I don’t know you)
Well now hold on hold on hold on hold I don’t care
Russy just said let you in
I still love you ’cause God says “Love everybody on this Earth”
Russy said let you in I don’t know you
Well look here
I don’t like people
I been knowin’ that man right there since ’06
I don’t care
That man helped me out a lot in ’06
When I needed a place to stay I was workin’ for this man and I could stay here
But you’re not gonna stay here tonight
I got a place to stay Toya
God had put me in a place where he wanted me to be
Now I’ma leave that alone
Now I’m okay I’ma keep tellin’ you I’m okay
Is there any more you want me to explain?
Now I’m gonna get back into my music
Griselda (Griselda Griselda) by Fashion Rebelsss

Steve Behr

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Steve Behr – Westside Gunn lyrics
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