Stars in my ride – Lil Keed lyrics

Lyrics Stars in my ride – Lil Keed

Stars in my ride lyrics
So many bitches can’t hit at a time
Yes I’m a star I got stars in my ride
.. pennies and dimes they all mine
Bentley we ridin’ in frog eyes
Opened my eyes and I realized
Niggas ain’t with me they all disguised
Don’t care ’bout no money I care ’bout my family
Shit ..
Tear that shit up in a red eye
These hoes with me they all fine
Yeah I remember standing in line
Drop to my knees and pray
I’m thanking God shit baptize
.. that’s what ..
I don’t play no games I ain’t in combines
Treat that lil’ boy like a lunch line
I’m having diamonds that’s gon’ blind
That bankroll man I’m on mineee

Stars in my ride

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Stars in my ride – Lil Keed lyrics
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