Spin – Duke Deuce lyrics feat. Foogiano

Lyrics Spin – Duke Deuce

Spin lyrics
Me and Foogiano rep the same thing, we folks
Playin’ with my bread, nigga, fuck around and get toast
That bitch in a Hummer, finna drop pounds in that ho (Stuff that bitch)
No hashtag, but I’m straight poundin’ your ho (Fuck that bitch)
With the mob, get plugged in
In the mob, we thuggin’
She gon’ slob in your den
Then she gon’ say I’m her friend

Trappin’ and rappin’, I was pistol packin’, made it happen
I had them gutter, babies in your attic
Nigga, they gon’ bring me back the packets
All of this ice (Ice), yeah, know I gotta keep a pipe
Know on my mama, nigga, I ain’t gonna fight
Nigga, try me, I’ma take your life
I lived in the trap, if its my play I’ll still call the cap
Nigga, you broke as hell, your pockets flat
Finesser, I’m the greatest, thats’ a fact (Finesse)
In love with the mob, I got Duece, he ridin’ in the back
He try to run, hit him in the back (Boom)
Now that nigga layin’ flattt

Spin – Duke Deuce lyrics feat. Foogiano
Spin - Duke Deuce
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