Somebody – Kendrick Lamar lyrics

Lyrics Somebody – Kendrick Lamar

Somebody lyrics
I woke this mornin’ undecided
My demons takin’ over my life yeah
Sooner or later it’s a family divided
These patterns gettin’ harder to hide yeah

They say I should be satisfied
They tell me I got the world but that’s a lie
I wished the way I feel could be pacified sometimes
I wish I was somebody
Anybody but myself
Oh I wish I was somebody
Anybody but myself

If I told you I’m ’bout to break would you look at me different?
Character out of place would I lose your attention?
Let me know your intentions cause lately I been watchin’ everybody
It’s apparent that transparency never seen monotony
Got off of tour lookin’ for closure
Mixin’ emotion of bein’ grateful and feelin’ like some of y’all gettin’ over
What’s a puppet on stage singin’ and dancin’ ablaze?
Portrayed in his worth distorted by the money that’s made
A slave with a verse I feel like Prince Rogers
I feel liberation is free I feel I should miss the Oscars
Are you celebrating me as the artist or just a profit?
A question I have for the ones around me that’s turnin’ toxic
My lungs been heavy from all the smokescreen boobytraps
Reminiscin’ on what it was and knowin’ that this ain’t that
I vision a rock in a hard place
Hope my daughter isn’t born with a piece of my heartbreak
You know stress carries on and your kids reap the mistakes that you made
And I admit that I can be dismissive if I can’t relate
And I admit that I only commit to start playin’ games
And I admit that I’m bad at talkin’ myself out of shame
But who’s to blame when the crowds
stop cheerin’ and they passin’ dirty looks?
I now understand that I’ll never be understood

Isolation didn’t work for me (Work for me)
Socialization didn’t work for me
Pray the body didn’t work for me (Work for me)
You can’t cure this disease
The pain too traumatic for relief
Pull up the curtains let the audience see

I wish I was somebody
Anybody but myself
Oh I wish I was somebody
Anybody but myselfff

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Somebody – Kendrick Lamar lyrics
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