Somebody gon die – Lil Baby lyrics

Lyrics Somebody gon die – Lil Baby

Somebody gon die lyrics
Nigga tell ’em on road shoulda dashed
No he ain’t kiddin’ dawg and he ain’t even try

[Verse: Lil Baby]
I’ma turn it up a lil’ more with this tight shit ..
I had a spot like .. what did you have
You ’bout twenty up front whatcha buy
I put on drip I believe I could fly
Niggas know that I’m rich but I don’t gotta try
I had a show in Detroit and I stopped the ..
Spent 50 on all of the guys
All of these hoes in the stores make commission
And plus I’ma tip ’em they holdin’ my size
Get in your car and just put on your flashers
And follow the herd shit you said you gon’ ride

[Chorus: Lil Baby]
‘Cause somebody gon’ die if they fuck with us
Turn the five to a dime that’s a double up
Fuck around walk in church with my double cup
This shit a habit on Gram I’ma give it up
Tiger stay with the wood make him give it up
Know I ran through a mill’ every week off of weed
.. be the trap I can get me Justine
Got it back in the pickup I won’t even leave
I might fuck around get a Vent’ DT
Keep a hot boy with me I got lil’ BGGG

Somebody gon die

Somebody gon die – Lil Baby lyrics
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