Slow down – Bill Wurtz lyrics

Lyrics Slow down – Bill Wurtz

Slow down lyrics
Look at the time up on the wall
The clock is tellin’ it all wrong
You got to slow down
You got to slow down
Slow it right off the wall
Got to slow down

My hat is bent
Oh, I got a bent hat
Maybe I’ll slow down
And straighten it out
And then twist it all around
Then put it down

And I’m bobblin’ down 124th Street
And I think I’m bobblin’ to a brighter day
And the radio’s playing
A different kind of music
And the universe is starting to shake

Look at the time, it’s 12:30
I’m going to hell and I’m late for it
But I’ll slow down
And talk about it
And the world goes ’round
And then comes back down

Now I’m swingin’ about
My every daily business
And I’m pondering out about
How it’s daily been
And it’s easy to feel if you’re useless
But it’s strange when you tell your friends

So I reloaded my fax machine
With some fresh clean paper
So I can slow down and have
A slow time printing it out
Then the roof blew off again
And it came back down

And the hurricanes and storms
Cover the landscape
And the picture frames are
Floating off the wall
And the hourglass is
Twisting a little bit sideways
And the neighborhood is all gone

Look at the time on the wall
‘Cause it’s going very very really slowly now
And it’s the only thing anybody ever talks about
And the scientists are always trying to figure out
And the physicists are always letting it bounce around
And the novelists are typically writing stories about it
And the journalists are usually breaking news about it
And the pharmacists are frequently making drugs about it
And the charities are always raising money for it
And the .. is always there
And the .. always caresss
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Slow down – Bill Wurtz lyrics
Slow down - Bill Wurtz
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