Skallywag – Yelawolf lyrics

Lyrics Skallywag – Yelawolf

Skallywag lyrics
It looks like
Baldhead Skallywag
Maybe that
Baldhead Skallywag, talking this and that
You may have an allergic reaction, shut up bitch
You may have an allergic reaction, hello
Or just plain crazy, hello
Plain crazy, yeah
5150, look, huh?

Ain’t nothing wrong with me
Except for maybe my ambition
If I’m crazy for dreaming I fell down a long tree
Hit every limb on the way down and bumped my noggin’
A hollow head, my mama said, is someone knocking?
That’s why keepin’ me from winnin’ is a major job
Because I wish a motherfucker would, I pray to God
Yelawolf, and I’m an egg in the frying pan
Couple loose screws on the hub cap tires and
Possibly my papa see, he got the T, the H, the C
He got that private property, he dropped the C
The crop PV to got to me, to pipe the weed
Where did it lead
It led me down, it led me up, to LSD illogically, yeah
White boys all over the world getting buck cause they know just what I’m talkin’ bout
Black boys all over the world getting buck cause they know just what I’m talkin’ bout
Brown boy, yellow boy, whatever the hell boy
Follow my trail, they lost the route
So many more foes running with the mojo
That I could’ve made a show like Austin Powers
Words with words, I’m cold, blizzard McFlurry
No wine, no cloak, reserved, yes sir, certainly
My box goes ’round the curb real slow, no hurry
Then out my window goes the gun for purging
Look, look like deers in a cage so
Jesus take the wheel, you steer, I’ll slay, then
We’ll go get a couple cold beers, what you say

And he handed me a solid gold draco engraved and
Pop, pop, pop, pop, I just drop 4 cops that mob with the Ku Klux Klan
He said that’s why I say hey man nice shot, that’s a nice shot man
Blood drops on another couple white van
Laid down by the hand of a white man
Damn, and I sleep like a baby
With the gold draco lying on the nightstand
Watching too much Killer Mike (Love)
Sometimes it sucks to be human (Hate it)
Sometimes it sucks to be white (Love)
Dealing with these institutions (Hate it)
Thank God I had mixed children (Love)
That is my contribution (Hate it)
Without them, I probably would snap (Love)
But I’ll just choose the music
Suited, booted, I’m ready Eddy
I’ll use my noodle like mom’s spaghetti
The truth is brutal, it’s hard and heavy
But the truth is used for them lies and deadly
So keepin’ it real is not slang
It’s a must-have, gotta live thang
To some of y’all, it’s just a new game
Like a muskrat with a shoestring

Toys, now that’s what graffiti writers used to call lames
I used to be a graffiti writer so I know how to scale and bomb trains
Noise, now that’s what my Uncle used to call Hip-Hop
90% of the time when I listen to new shit, I say the same thing
Choice, either you gotta make one or they’ll make one up for you
Be an original, not a percentage of a dying trend just to make bank
Poise, position of power is a blessing but can be a curse
Be the worth of your soul, not the worth of your pocket and purse now let’s get this bitch crank
I just shook y’all motherfuckers
Black truck, masked up, 10 deep, no sleep
Robbing the house on the hill
I came up with crooks and took that risk to top
Boy I’m that real
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Skallywag – Yelawolf lyrics
Skallywag - Yelawolf
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