Sister Abigail – Conway The Machine lyrics

Lyrics Sister Abigail – Conway The Machine

Sister Abigail lyrics
Mind scramblin’, open canvases got me dippin’ the paintin’ brush (What?)
I’m countin’ through these bands, I sprayed an acre up (Uh-huh)
That made her offer up the labia, crazy trachea simultaneous (What?)
You flavorless, these spitters is dangerous in my radius
Look, see, this the tester, I be out the window throwin’ samples
That’ll bring me power like the Sahara covered in solar panels (Come on)
Word to P, I’m keepin’ it thorough down to bone and marrows
On point like archers with bows and arrows, I solar flare you (Talk that talk)
So do your portion, don’t get it contorted like you double-jointed (What?)
I’m gifted, my presence detected like I’m clairvoyant (What?)
I’m blessed, I come anointed
Every track I float, these rappers barely buoyant
Underwhelmin’, they’ll be labeled as disappointments, they couldn’t match me (Nah)
This year, I’m takin’ my account and puttin’ more Ns in it than Cincinnati
Keep it crafty (Let’s get it)
They couldn’t get at me since days denim was fashionably baggy (What?)
They ain’t adequate, this naturally a casualty
You comin’ at me sideways, I’m reactin’ diagonally
Like Bishops when attackin’, see (Come on)
My creator made me her magnum opus, her masterpiece (What?)
Urlacher versus the Packers how I will tackle beats, who after me? (Okay)

[Verse 2: 7xvethegenius]
I’m crazier than y’all for ’bout as far as I can see (Uh)
You seem to be a fraud who didn’t get it out the streets (7xve)
And now, somehow, you feel you should be thought of after me (Nah)
You out it like I was when I ain’t had no shit to eat
I mean that’s probably why I be gettin’ so caught up as I think (Uh)
On how to stay ahead until you dread tryna compete (Tryna)
Already out of reach, but shit get sticky ’bout a leech (Uh)
Already out of reach, but can’t just sit up out no beach (Nah)
Look what my mama made, they get offended, I’m a palisade (Uh)
They think my ego from my accolades (7xve)
They used to evil, I be sunnin’ shade
My name’s 7xve, bringin’ boss bitches together, Lady Marmalade (Uh)
They eyes on me like a token blackie in the mall (7xve)
Guess that’s the price of bein’ in charge, so, shit, I paid it off (Uh)
This clean cut sewin’ some dirty scars
I’m a boss ’cause I’m humble with a win like I am a loss
Goin’ for the GOAT list
Me, the DrumWork, yeah, smart, dope chick
Took the game and stabbed it where it’s throat is (Uh)
I made up my mind that with this time I would be better than
Expectations of those in the ghettos that I meddle in (Uh)
Seven for the gods, oh God, don’t let the devil in (Haha)
Tryna hide my demons like your medicine
Okay, now that I settled into this new residence it’s evident
You niggas hella bent on how you came and went, well, be a man
I bleed and vent on every beat I get, I’m sicker than a bitch (Uh)
Gettin’ rich, you gettin’ shit and piss, some geriatric shit
Tell them snakes in the grass I’m the bad apple
You gon’ try to bite and end up hurt, they gon’ be mad at you
Just go do the work, ain’t even worth how they gon’ laugh at you (Nah)
Your angle too small startin’ off, that shit mad acute
They never touched what I’ve lost, they never value it’s cost
I get it on and it off, both of ’em start with a cough, 7xve

[Verse 3: Conway the Machine]
Still in this kitchen, of course, bro, I’m whippin’ this raw dope (Whip)
Christian Dior coats, your bitch and your boss broke (Hahahaha)
You speak to me wrong, you know you gettin’ your jaw broke
Any mix up at all, I’m sayin’ if it’s at all smoke (What’s poppin’, nigga?)
I’m grippin’ this four, missiles is rippin’ your torso (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Hit you, your body look inexplicably awful (Hah)
Written these bars ’til they consider your boy a GOAT
They can’t fuck with me at all, they written me off, though (Pssh)
The bricks are from Norfolk, Virginia, and also
The shipment from off-boat, I’m pitchin’ like John Smoltz
I whip ’til my arm broke (Talk to ’em), or at least it feel like it
I rap when I feel like it, still my neck is flooded with real ices (Bling)
Yeah, hit the connect, I get the deal prices (Papi)
Any disrespect, it be a real crisis (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Yeah, masterpiece on my wrist, you can’t even speak to my bitch
You rappers is mostly broke pieces of shit (Hah)
This that street nigga etiquette (Uh-huh)
Most the felons is predicate (Facts)
Evident you don’t have the better intelligence
To kill the body, you just go for the head and you sever it
Melon get shell in it, evidence, never a shred of it
Bezel is mean, bust down President
Tell ’em it’s Machine (Talk to ’em)
And yet you haven’t seen the worst of it
Every beat I get on, I just leave Earth on it, spookyyy

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Sister Abigail – Conway The Machine lyrics
Sister Abigail - Conway The Machine
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