Shottas – JayDaYaoungan lyrics

Lyrics Shottas – JayDaYaoungan

Shottas lyrics
I ain’t got no friends with me
They burned they bridge with me
Turned to enemies
Burnin’ all my energy (HeartBeatz on the track)
They askin’ me what got into me
You ain’t no friend to me
You ain’t no kin to me
And I’m runnin’ through money on money
I’m thumbin’ through hundreds I’m runnin’
I could fuck on your honey I don’t want it
Snow give me that pussy she cummin’
In the trap tryna run up my numbers
No fast food servin’ them onions
In the field my niggas be gunnin’
They be talkin’ that shit but they runnin’ (The Heroes)
Before I even let you cross me again I’d rather go be by my lonely
I know some niggas’ll pull up and dump it I tell ’em to dump it them niggas gon’ dump it
These niggas they act like they want it these niggas don’t want it I swear that my niggas be on it
I ain’t forgot shit bitch you still on my list
When we up them sticks we gon’ put the bitch under

Dreadhead rasta 23 where my shotta
Oh oh oh where my shotta
Dreadhead rasta 23 where my shotta
Oh oh oh where my shotta
We had a lot of shit to do
What the fuck got into you
You know what we been through
You know what we been through
Everybody been hatin’ on you
I had a place for you
I seen greatness in you
You somethin’ I hate to lose

If closed mouths won’t eat closed eyes won’t see
How I was starvin’ every night I had to find a way to eat
I been chasin’ after money demons chasin’ after me
Why you tryna lie to me and tryna play me like I’m green
I’m just tryna win it all and count it all with my team
Real shooters get close we don’t really need a beam
Pussy nigga in my business middleman in between
Plenty bands in my pocket Glock stuffed by my skinny jeans
I’m on it
Tell me what it is and I’m on it
Sippin’ lean early in the morning
Got a bad lil’ bitch she horny
Too high might wreck the foreign
But fuck it might buy me a new one today
Or buy me a chopper a new one to spray
If he step in my way he losin’ his face
I told ’em I was slangin’ iron thought I was lyin’ no
These niggas pussy and be lyin’ they like my side hoes
And I can count a million dollars with my eyes closed
And I can shoot you in your shit with a blindfold bang

With my eyes closed
I can count a million dollars with my eyes closed
I can shoot you in your shit with a blindfold
These niggas pussy as a bitch they like my side hoes
Side hoes
They like myyy

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Shottas – JayDaYaoungan lyrics
Shottas - JayDaYaoungan
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