Shoot out the roof – Lil Yachty lyrics

Lyrics Lil Yachty – Shoot out the roof

Yeahhh I see everything that happens
You know what I’m saying?
I see all y’all little niggas, jocking and biting style
Niggas ain’t me bruh, niggas can’t be me
Nigga won’t be, you feel me?
I know you niggas want to be part of the game, but you niggas can’t be me, The f*ck nigga?
I only got one little brother in this motherf*cker you feel me?
Only got one little brother in this motherf*cker that’s rocking with me nigga
The rest of you little niggas, you little niggas is biting swag
Nigga Gimme my sh*t back, like I don’t f*ck with these niggas.(Shoot out the roof)

Nigga you ain’t Uzi, you ain’t Carti damn sure not me
Never on the scene, what you mean, nigga yadda mean
Ballin like Yao Ming, paint her face, nigga just like Sting
Came up popping beans then I dropped it cause I’m not a fiend
All you niggas wanna be me, rub the pussy for a genie
Your bank account looking teeny, Tina Turner, big burner
Young nigga too rich for a fight, new crib on a kite
Pent house living large, youse a broke boy rapping bout a dream
You ain’t never shot the steam, stop lying to the teens
Big benz too clean, three thousand dollar jeans
Three times three nine in my jeans spent that on my sister
Ghost ride the older fisker, ball hard like Derek Fisher
Riding round with my niggas, riding round with my niggas
All my niggas do is.

Shoot out the roof. (x12)

Niggas sneaky like mice
Just got a new bitch white with a little black like dice
Niggas think I’m too nice, I’ll still slap a nigga next year
Wait ’til I switch the gear, nigga never checked the rear
Nah, cause I’m only going one way, one way, bitch, on the runway
Six b*tches one me nigga thats a fun day
All my niggas with me they keep gunplay, gunplay
Lil Boat.

Shoot out the roofff. (x12)
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Shoot out the roof – Lil Yachty lyrics
shoot out the roof - lil yachty
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