SENSEI lyrics
I am the master I am the boss I am the sensei
And you was kissin on that bitch how my dick taste?
I threw some fifties on the bus now I m in shape
And I done got my muscle up but I don t lift weights
You lil niggas just some monkeys bitch we been apes
Took me a shot of that Patron and hit the .. face
And nigga you re off you keep the streets I love to get paid
And I don t fuck with Android I need the ..

Nigga you end up missed off a mistake
And we the only reason broke niggas skip states
Choppa turn a big homie to a big shame
If she told you that she loyal then that bitch fake
5 10″ but stand tall like I m 6 8″
Turn her to a super freak like I m Rick James
And baby lethal with the head like she got six brains
Big body hoggin all the freeway I m in six lanes (Bitch)

Grind on a million yeah I gotta stay focused
Hand on the trigger see your sucker I ma blow it
All these bands bands bands on me I can t fold em
Hard body all that sucker shit I don t condone it
Moncler on winter time when it s snowin
We ain t cuffin hoes get that lick then let my bro hit
Got her pussy wet off these words I m a poet
But if she got hair on that pussy I don t want it
Young crest nigga out the mud I was chosen
I just strap and shoot him with this cannon like he posin
Only thing I hit is bad bitches my dick golden
Used to be my nigga turned into a king cobra
Got right dick then that big body yolkin
Bitch so thick from the front ass pokin
Hit it from the back leave her fuckin back broken
All these bands bands bands on me I can t fold em

Nigga you can get your ass shot tryna act hard
I just took the dub in the backyard
Never leave the stick nigga that part
And I know that you a bitch nigga at heat
Had the boys on my ass had to tuck the po
Send brody on that skit told em up her soul
Don t put your love in that bitch that cum and go
Send some shots at that nigga he tucked and rolled
High as fuck behind the wheel with no control
Put that Corvette in track I m switchin modes
Couldn t keep balance I spilt the Tron
And I don t smoke woods just joints and cones
Nigga free Noonie Mitch I miss my thug
On one-nine with shit got keep a drum
All my niggas up in sticks we don t go ones
SOB RBE it s the gang or noneee

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