Said fuck it – Upchurch lyrics

Lyrics Said fuck it – Upchurch

Said fuck it lyrics
Fuck award shows fuck the radio
And the new up and comer and his female clothes
With his glitter on his face and his prewritten songs
He ain’t from ’round here and neither is his boss
Fuck the guy in the office with his Jerry Curl
And his hands super soft like a teenage girl
Fuck social media and them long hashtags
With your bitch made album cover lookin’ like a
Yeah I said the word fuck on the charts
Prolly breaking beta male achy breaky hearts
With the mocha lattes and sparkly blue scarfs
Sittin’ in the room tryna fucking talk like us

We don’t need
Another pretty boy singin’ pretty songs
What up Luke you doin’ alright bro?
You want a beer?
No okay well suit yourself
You act like you broke your heart or something

If country music was a rooster
You prolly wouldn’t know it don’t lay eggs
If country music was a set of game cock gaffs
You’d prolly get stabbed in the hand
If country music was baby chickens in the thicket
Would you have corn dust covered on your britches?
I am to country like rooster feed to a bucket
Just clucking telling y’all fuck it
Yeah fuck it

So by now you probably figured it out
Mainstream pissed me off and made me have a dirty mouth
But on the flip side here’s a little known fact
I was born in Music City still get no slack
I got country songs tippin’ 100 million
Get played in every mud park across Dixie
Not to mention female singers want to come and frisk me
Especially when I’m stoned in my F-150

Kane what are ya doin’?
Tryna start a fire it’s gettin’ chilly
Gettin’ chilly? It’s gettin’ dark are you lost or something?
Yeah I’ve been out here for hours
Where’d you come from?
I came from up yonder
No no no you need to go that way
You need to get out of here dude
If they find out a country singer was lost in the woods
CMT gonna eat this up fuggin’

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Said fuck it – Upchurch lyrics
Said fuck it - Upchurch
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