Roses – Adam Lambert lyrics

Lyrics Roses – Adam Lambert

Roses lyrics
You’re like a knife cuz your looks could kill
Hold my breath every time we kiss
Are u feeling it
Like I like I feel it
You left your hat on the window sill
You’re coming back yeah u always will
Am I crazy babe?
If I say that I crave it

We talk the talk
We’re skin to skin
But u just walk away

And all that I got was
Don’t mean a thing without emotions
Baby just do it right
Cuz I just needed your love
tonight tonight tonight

Catch a flick maybe we could chill
Next to me but you’re still not here
When I touch you baby
My name will u say it
Betweeen the sheets we ain’t pillow talkin
Is it love or are we just f***in
Tell me babe. You can’t keep me waiting

Roses – Somo lyrics

Lyrics Roses – Somo Roses lyrics I remember walking back from the bar we were like 21 There was no live
Roses – Adam Lambert lyrics
Roses - Adam Lambert
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