Rich life – Shatta Wale lyrics

Lyrics Rich life – Shatta Wale

Rich life lyrics
Unno want the paper dem say yes
Yeaaah Yeaaah
Dem say Shatta addi preacher so mi bless dem
Nobody curse, nobody curse no no no sir
If dem say dem got the booty girls, we got the best girls
Ah mi seh money affi make
The Rollie pon mi wrist ah nuh cheap
Loyalty affi keep
We nah want no snitch
If ah nuh di worl’ boss worl’ boss
How we fe dweet?
Portmore to Nima tan pon your feet
Okay western union yeah
Unno still want money gram? Yeah
Collector bucks to box? Yeah
How much be your account?
You dey get bank alert?
Everywhere I go dem say One Don

I’m all about the Rich Life
Rich Life

All my niggas is rich
All my niggas legit
Too legit to Quit
We mc hammer you dig
All your niggas be capping
Running your lips and yapping
Y’all ain’t bout that action
Amale sooor
Amalie soor
You king already ba tashi
Just keep stacking that paper
Two Middle fingers to the haters
Make dem Bow down to greatestess
Only real niggers no fakers
Paah paah paah what happening
SM4LYF we ganging
Yo Gh what’s app
We out here
We grinding
We balling
It’s nothing
June Jurasic got the iced out
Ma nigga fab got Maserati out
Rich life we live the
God’s grace
We blessed up

Call my sister from Ohio
Telma how are you?
Respect to all Africans
We dey fly like parachute
If ano be nobody
Who be you? Who be you?
Scoopy Doo
Excuse me, my Gucci shoes
50k dollar for appearance
50K dollar for appearance
How much be for performance?
100k for performance
Just 100k
Oh just 100k
Yes 100k

I’m all about the Rich Life
Rich Lifeee

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Rich life – Shatta Wale lyrics
Rich life - Shatta Wale
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